Master Your Focus 

Do you know how focussed you are? Do you want to increase your focus?

The day ends, you've gotten things done, just not the important things. Without focus, we jump from task to task without actually accomplishing the important things.

Focus, put simply, is the single-minded determination to complete a task or action. Taking action is the hardest part for many professionals. You know, or have a good idea, of what you want to to do but the idea of getting started can tend to overwhelm you.

The MASTER YOUR FOCUS  course will give you skills to boost your focus, avoid distractions and help you to increase your concentration and improve your attention fast!

Price: $A97 [value $197]

Price is in Australian dollars and includes GST.

Techniques for improving your concentration and achieving more in less time:

  • Identify common distractors and what specific ones drain your attention span
  • Learn which distractors are particularly damaging to your focus at work
  • Learn a wealth of tips, techniques and habits that can help you improve your focus and control your distractions
  • Gain some time management skills to help you take back control of your time
  • Be exposed to exercises you can perform immediately to help you regain, maintain and optimise  your focus and concentration
  • Create an action plan that you can use to improve your focus and concentration right away

What will I get in this course?

This course comprises the following elements:

  • Focus Start course: 10 lessons with video (~1 min each), audio and text plus an infographic and a link to a concentration and focus skills test
  • Focus Skills for Professionals: eBook you can read online or download PDF (50 pages) and a workbook (18 pages)to apply what you learn, plus a checklist and infographics
  • Bonus 1: Regaining Focus - 6 Step System - videos (4), eBook (34 page), workbook  (28 page)and audiobook (~38mins)
  • Bonus 2: Focus Hacks - 25 tips to boost your focus - eBook (12 page) and audiobook
  • Bonus 3: Focus Files - tips and tricks to improve focus for increased productivity and success - eBook (9 pages) and audiobook
  • Bonus 4: Professionals Guide to Focus - eBook (29 pages)

Price: $A97 [$197 value]

Price is in Australian dollars and includes GST.

What is in the Focus Skills Program?

Price: $A97 [$197 value]

Price is in Australian dollars and includes GST.